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A Message from Dennis Kyne received on 6th September 2004:

Hello All,

I was arrested in New York during the massive sweeps of the RNC. I am scheduled to reappear in court on October 25th to challenge 8 different counts and I promise all, I was the loudest person there, but I surely didn't need to be cited for acting violently, they buried me into the system and kept me locked up in the TOMBS, the Manhattan Detention Center.

This system has no white people incarcerated, however the African Americans in the system loved what was happening on the streets and taught me how to use the phones and got my ass back out of jail as fast as the MAN tried to put me in. Inmates said they appreciated the work of the protesters, fed me anything around that didn't have meat and said that because of the work we had done, the Jail system was free of cockroaches and the dehumanization that we all know goes on in the prisons of America, I experienced no racism in this facility after being warned by police my number was up.

So, I currently need to raise money for travel expenses back to New York and private counsel since I am represented by over worked Legal Aid Society attorneys. Below is a list of the work I Have done in the past couple of months, I have taken a vow of non violence and am insulted that the police are insinuating that because I am a combat Veteran I MUST be violent, that is the stigma we veterans live with for our entire post combat lives, and it is not only unfair, as most of you know it is untrue. I fight for equality and justice, and most of all truth, and as a lot of you know, I operate as somewhat of a Lone Wolf becuase of the intensity under which I function.

I watched as police were ordered to drop young women, detain 16 year old boys, and round up chinese food delivery people with the only qualification for detention "being on a bike" while the critical mass folks rode by. It was Martial Law, it is not what I almost died in Combat for. I watched as people became unhealthy in a bus terminal used to detain people, and I stayed with an oppressed majority in the TOMBS and learned that we are all in this together. I hope you consider yourself in this with us. I am asking anyone who can help me with a donation of any amount so I can fly to New York and contest this inappropriate madness, as you can see my court date is one week before the election, and I am hoping New York remembers why we were there.

If you see it as within your means
please use
PO Box 720254
San Jose, CA 95172
Dennis Kyne

Please forward this to anyone or all
In Peace and gratitude

AP Photo in New York of Dennis Kyne

Dennis' article on Depleted Uranium

Aspen Daily News writes on Dennis Kyne

Bozeman Chronicle writes on Dennis Kyne

Glenwood Springs writes on Dennis Kyne

Idaho Observer writes on Dennis Kyne

Dennis Kyne is a Gulf War I veteran and campaigner on Gulf War Syndrome and Depleted Uranium. Visit his website at www.denniskyne.com

You can see an extract from 'We Interrupt this Empire' featuring Dennis Kyne on the Depleted Uranium page

The rest of the film and Dennis' presentation and interview at the World Uranium Weapons Conference are available in the Media Library under Depleted Uranium and the War in Iraq.

Media Library
The Media Library currently holds 5Gb of video and audio files. It is currently serving over 1Gb per day and unfortunately it will be necessary to disconnect the server occasionally in order to make other use of bandwidth. If you cannot connect - please call back.

The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin
It isn't the policy to promote the sale of particular products - especially on the front page. But this work by Professor David Ray Griffin is exceptional and as such an exception is made.

The book does not typify the deluge of writing which has appeared since September 11th. Its writer is not somebody at whom a finger can immediately be pointed as a conspiracy theorist. And he does not propose anything which cannot be solidly authenticated by contemporary media reports, scientific evidence and public documents. That isn't to say that much of what appears here has not appeared elsewhere and that many other credible publications do not exist - but this book is of such lucidity and only asks questions which the reader will find difficult to ignore. It may well be the spear which finally pierces the bloated bladder of lies which perpetuates the bogus war against the freedom of the human race.

The images below provide links to the Amazon pages where the book is available in the UK and US. These are not Amazon referrals - the links are provided for information only - and it may well be available cheaper elsewhere.

New Pearl Harbor (UK)
UK edition
New Pearl Harbor (US)
US edition

IndyMedia UK
IndyMedia has over recent years forged a reputation amongst the activist movement as being a repository for news which would be 'overlooked' by the mainstream news media. Independence of thought would appear to be implicit by the very name that the organisation has adopted.

But in the process of becoming involved a pattern of information censorship becomes apparent and an evident hidden agenda which on the face of it only allows articles on its front page newswire which suits it. Articles are now routinely being censored and any enquiry is either ignored or receives a referal to the site's Editorial Guidelines without any reference to which, if any, of the guidelines have been breached. Or an occasional invitation to obfuscate in the black hole of the IndyMedia UK list. Either way invoking feelings of Kafkaesque frustration.

Yet it is clear that it is not any breach of the guidelines but an infringement of some shrouded and political sensitivity from which accusations of anti-semitism or conspiracy theorist are dealt like death cards from anonymous commentators.

Amongst the topics which are apparently out of bounds are RFID chips or bio-chip implants, chemtrails, fluoride and water fluoridation, aspartame, the New World Order or the Illuminati and anything which challenges the official September 11th story.

There are issues for which IndyMedia UK continues to be important and to which contributions are commendable but the blanket ignorance of controvercial subjects which are arbitrarily dismissed transcends any circumspection. For this reason it is proposed to 'rescue' certain articles hidden from the IndyMedia UK newswire. These articles can be accessed via the 'indymedia censored' link under the 'news archive' button. The inclusion of any article does not imply its endorsement, just an acknowledgement that it has been unreasonably censored by IndyMedia UK.

Since taking this step, IndyMedia UK appear to have gone on the offensive and are blocking certain articles or comments from even appearing. Any IndyMedia UK defence against accusation of censorship would seem to be nullified.

Fahrenheit 9/11
If you are here to download the trailer of Michael Moore's new film Fahrenheit 911, I have moved the link off the front page. I am assuming that the producers would like this trailer to be circulated as widely as possible. You can find it on the Bush page of the media library (link on the left)


Please see about flamesong for fair use notice


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